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June 03 2015



you know this summer someone’s going to be like “it’s too hot” and some nerd will reply “hot damn”

don’t believe me just watch

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Bring on the biracial thunder babies.

#still all about that thororo

Thororo is the best ship name ever.

I didn’t know I shipped this until now… 


The most powerful power couple

I still want this to happen. Give me those pretty biracial thunderbabies

Matt and Mello: Truth or Dare


Matt and Mello get asked some interesting questions… And the dares are even better!!

((finally started a YouTube channel and this gem is my first video!! Please watch it!))

This is brilliant, seriously

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For more posts like these, you can visit psych2go

Send me "hey" and I'll shuffle my iTunes and tell you our song



Why call France x Japan FraPan when you can call it NiHonHonHon


“wake up we gotta go”

Why did you start following me?


Do it on anon or not. I’m really curious about why you started following my blog.

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Hi, Clair. I’d like to come in and talk with you. Would that be all right?

This is the Batman we need to see more often. The one who remembers what it was like to be a scared child, one who knows how to handle situations delicately.

One of the reason why I love batman so much. He is portrayed as a very careful and guarded man. But he is probably the most human out of anyone. It’s why he is the knight that gotham deserves. 

Re: that last panel - 


Batman, when he’s written correctly, is an extremely compassionate person. 

I always feel the need to reblog this because it’s definitely something I feel was lost in the Nolan films. 

Another common theme they keep throughout the movies and series is that he won’t hurt Harley. He never gives up on her despite how many times she goes back to Joker. No matter how she comes after him with the intent to kill he does anything within his power not to hurt her.


international cut your hair like your icon day how screwed are you

“Delayed sleep phase disorder (DSPD), inability to awaken and fall asleep at socially acceptable times but no problem with sleep maintenance, a disorder of circadian rhythms.”

I’ve reset my sleeping pattern multiple times but those don’t usually last over 2-3 days. According to what I found out, light exposure during mornings can help reset my internal clock aka circadian rhythm. The problem with this is that I’m living in a cellar, meaning I don’t get much light exposure and I do not like to turn on the brightest ceiling lights at any time of the day due to impending headaches.

Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder (DSPD)


According to the International Classification of Sleep Disorders (ICSD), the circadian rhythm sleep disorders share a common underlying chronophysiologic basis:

The major feature of these disorders is a misalignment between the patient’s sleep pattern and the sleep pattern that is desired or regarded as the societal norm… In most circadian rhythm sleep disorders, the underlying problem is that the patient cannot sleep when sleep is desired, needed or expected.

The ICSD (page 128-133) diagnostic criteria for delayed sleep-phase disorder are:

  1. There is an intractable delay in the phase of the major sleep period in relation to the desired clock time, as evidenced by a chronic or recurrent complaint of inability to fall asleep at a desired conventional clock time together with the inability to awaken at a desired and socially acceptable time.
  2. When not required to maintain a strict schedule, patients will exhibit normal sleep quality and duration for their age and maintain a delayed, but stable, phase of entrainment to local time.
  3. Patients have little or no reported difficulty in maintaining sleep once sleep has begun.
  4. Patients have a relatively severe to absolute inability to advance the sleep phase to earlier hours by enforcing conventional sleep and wake times.
  5. Sleep–wake logs and/or actigraphy monitoring for at least two weeks document a consistent habitual pattern of sleep onsets, usually later than 2 a.m., and lengthy sleeps.
  6. Occasional noncircadian days may occur (i.e., sleep is “skipped” for an entire day and night plus some portion of the following day), followed by a sleep period lasting 12 to 18 hours.
  7. The symptoms do not meet the criteria for any other sleep disorder causing inability to initiate sleep or excessive sleepiness.

Some features of DSPD which distinguish it from other sleep disorders are:

  • People with DSPD have at least a normal—and often much greater than normal—ability to sleep during the morning, and sometimes in the afternoon as well. In contrast, those with chronic insomnia do not find it much easier to sleep during the morning than at night.
  • People with DSPD fall asleep at more or less the same time every night, and sleep comes quite rapidly if the person goes to bed near the time he or she usually falls asleep.
  • DSPD patients can sleep well and regularly when they can follow their own sleep schedule, e.g. on weekends and during vacations.
  • DSPD is a chronic condition. Symptoms must have been present for at least one month before a diagnosis of DSPD can be made.

People with DSPD can be called night owls. They feel most alert and say they function best and are most creative in the evening and at night. People with DSPD cannot simply force themselves to sleep early. They may toss and turn for hours in bed, and sometimes not sleep at all, before reporting to work or school. Less extreme and more flexible night owls, and indeed morning larks, are within the normal chronotype spectrum. *



Wait what?

JUNE IS SIT DOWN AND WRITE MONTH. Your goal is to write something  every day for ten minutes a day. FYWH will be posting daily writing checks for you to reblog and crow about your progress or miserable failure. 

Why haven’t I heard about it before?

Because after a month of being frustrated with my writing process, I just decided to do it, right now.

What the hell should I write?

Anything! Current works in progress, blog posts, new projects. July is another Camp NaNoWriMo that you can do prep work for. The goal is just to write toward the hopes of forming a habit.

Can I do something else?

Hell yeah. Draw a comic, piece some code together, work on a music piece–anything artistic you’ve been putting off, hunker down and get it done.

But I don’t wanna.

Then you will be missing all the fun of accomplishment!

How do I help track my progress?

I use a program called WriteOMeter on my phone. Write Or Die is also used a lot!

When does it start?

NOW. Or tomorrow if it’s not June for you yet. Posts will be reblogged twice for those of us living in the ~mystical future~ and for the lagging Americas. (Get with the right timezone already, gosh)

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The woman who falsely accused football star Brian Banks of raping her is being forced to pay big time.

A judge has ordered that the woman pay $2.6 million to Banks for ruining his life with false allegations. The lies caused him to lose numerous scholarship offers to college and also led to a prison sentence of over five years.

Wanetta Gibson told lies to authorities when she accused Banks of assaulting her when the two attended Long Beach Poly High, where Banks was both a student and football star.

After the conviction, the girl sued the school district and received $1.5 million. The conviction was overturned when Gibson was secretly recorded admitting that she made the whole thing up.

Years later, Gibson confessed and Banks was released. The woman is being forced to repay a $750,000 settlement to the school, plus attorneys fees, interest and another $1 million in punitive damages

Source: http://newsone.com/2597559/brian-banks-wanetta-gibson/

Thank god

Please spread this.

She should have to do at least as much prison time as he did.

He was the best linebacker in the country. He had a full ride to USC and she ruined it. She ruined his whole life.

Also not mentioned here is that he plead guilty to avoid a life sentence because his lawyer said that no jury would believe that a black man didn’t do it. I’m not blaming the lawyer at all. He’s an expert. But his expert advice was that society would condemn this boy to prison for a crime he never committed. Think about that shit.

This women needs to rot somewhere

Not to mention she provides people one more reason to question victims who really have faced sexual abuse. She’s another example that people can name when they’re interrogating some other girl who really was assaulted and people are asking “but was she really raped?”. She’ll be the reason a real rapist gets away. She’s planting doubt in peoples minds and the saddest thing is that their doubt isn’t all that uncalled for. 

She needs to do time

Bolded that comment. Not only does this poor boys story deserve a signal boost but she goddamn condemned real rape victims with this bullshit as well.

spoopy-kid answered your question “anyone have a snapchat?”
spoopy-kid is snapchat!

Added ^^




Cannibalism holds the potential to solve both hunger and overpopulation problems.

What’s terrifying is that you can’t really argue.

Update: The year is 2016. Tokyo Ghoul is real.

anyone have a snapchat?

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